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Writing from the Opposite Gender’s Point of View

Another writer recently asked me for advice. He’s writing a novel with several point of view (POV) characters, including some female ones. So how does a man write a woman’s POV? Can a man realistically write from inside a woman’s head? And can a woman realistically write from inside a man’s head? I sure hope […]

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Storymakers Wrap-up

I had a fun weekend hanging out with some of my writing friends and meeting new people at the tenth annual LDStorymakers Writer’s Conference in Provo, Utah. The highlight of the weekend was listening to Anne Perry’s keynote address and attending her class called “Fine Tune Your Writing.” This post is mostly about the weekend. A Few Items for […]

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What’s in a Name? Part Two: Commander Courage and Other Names That Border on Perfection

I recently read an article about the first naval battle of Narvik, which took place in April 1940 between British and German ships in Ofotfjord (also called Narvik Fjord) in Norway. I won’t give a detailed blow-by-blow of the battle, but I’ll give you a summary. I also found a map in the public domain, […]

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The Whitneys and Wazzu

Some great things happened last weekend. I went to the LDStorymakers Writer’s Conference in Provo and had a wonderful time. I strengthened some existing friendships, made new friends, and learned a ton. Thank you to everyone who helped make the conference a success! The rest of this post is about giving congratulations to some very deserving individuals. […]

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