LDS Writer Blogfest: Easter Traditions

The other day I was pushing my children in their stroller past the local Catholic school. It was a warm, sunny day, and several dozen groups of students were outside on the grass. I thought it might be a fire alarm at first, but then I noticed the billowing pieces of cloth many of them had. When I saw the fake swords and noticed the crowns that almost looked like they were made of thorns, I realized the students were preparing for an Easter pageant. The billowing cloths were part of costumes: off-white for disciples’ robes, red for Roman capes.

I love Easter. I love that it’s a holiday all of Christianity celebrates together (yes, I know Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter a week or two after the rest of us–but they still celebrate it with us). There is nothing better than remembering the miracle of the Savior’s life, His atonement, and His resurrection. Because of Him, I know that I will live again after I die. Among the best words ever spoken are these: “He is not here, but is risen.”

There is a beautiful Easter tradition in many countries with large Orthodox Christian populations. When greeting someone on Easter, one says “Christ is risen!” This is the response: “Truly, He is risen”. My husband served a mission to an Eastern European country, and learned of this tradition there.

In our family we make music an important part of our Easter. My husband’s favorite Easter hymn is “Stichera of the Holy Pascha”. It’s beautiful, but the version we listen to every Easter wasn’t on youtube. Here is one of my favorite hymns instead:

Christ is risen. Truly, He is risen.

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