Author Interview with J. Lloyd Morgan

Today’s guest is a fellow BYU grad, J. Lloyd Morgan. He’s an author and a television director, with a beautiful family. He has four daughters, so I guess he’s a little outnumbered. He writes in a variety of genres, including fantasy. This month is a busy one for him. His new novel, The Waxing Moon, the second novel in the Bariwon Chronicles, is coming out any day now (you can see the book trailer at the end of this post). Thanks for being part of my blog today!

List five movies you LOVE:

I’d say these 5 movies had the biggest impact on me in both what I like to read and write:

  1. Star Wars, Episode IV
  2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  3. The Princess Bride
  4. Serenity
  5. Lord of the Rings 

Favorite quote:

I have two. “Spam Happens” and “No matter where you go, there you are”. 

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m dyslexic and somewhat ambidextrous. I can write my name (and about anything else) on a chalkboard with both hands at the same time.

Best writing advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t keep re-writing the first chapter. Meaning: write out the whole story with the understanding you’ll be going back to “fix it” later.

What are you working on now?

My second book, The Waxing Moon, was just released. My publisher has green-lighted (green-lit?) my book called The Mirror of the Soul. It’s not part of the Bariwon Chronicles, but rather a standalone book based on the songs of Chris de Burgh—who has given me permission to write it. I’ve completed the first draft of Wall of Faith. It’s a novel based on my experiences when I was hit by a car on my LDS mission in Mexico. My short story, The Doughnut, was one of the top five winners in the Parables For Today contest. That book will be out in September. My short story based on the Christmas Carol I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day will be included in Michael Young’s to-be-named Christmas Anthology. Lastly, my publisher indicated my next book in the Bariwon Chronicles, The Zealous Star, will be out in 2013. I should probably finish writing that soon. *winks*  

Pick a character from one of your books and tell us about him or her:

The main character in The Waxing Moon is Snapdragon. His father is a gardener with an odd way about him. His siblings are named Oakleaf and Sunshine and were introduced in The Hidden Sun. As the youngest of three children, Snapdragon wants to stand out from his famous brother and sister. He earns the right to be a royal guardian, a high honor, but not enough to measure up, at least in his own eyes. The Waxing Moon is at its heart a story about him trying to prove himself.  

What is your favorite thing about writing?

Freedom. Well, at least until my characters start doing things I don’t expect. 

You can read more about J. Lloyd Morgan and his books at his website or blog.


    1. we mix it with cheese, oatmeal, and an egg and make “spam loaf”. It’s not very healthy, even with the low-fat spam, but oh well. it’s not like we eat it every day.


    1. Thanks Kelly! So fun that you and your daughter like to read the same books. I read lots of books to my kids, but they’re the boring board books with abbreviated plots and I don’t get much enjoyment out of most of them. Maybe in a few years they’ll be ready for Harry Potter, or the Bariwon Chronicles (which I should probably add to my to-read list).


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