Cover Reveal: Sworn Enemy

Here’s the cover for my new novel coming out in April:

Sworn Enemy

And here’s what will appear on the back cover:

June 1944: As World War II rages, the people of Eastern Europe are hopelessly trapped between two formidable forces: Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union. In their midst, a band of heroes works to defend against the inevitable Communist takeover.

 After narrowly escaping her Nazi captors, French Resistance worker Genevieve Olivier has fled to Allied territory with the help of American Lieutenant Peter Eddy. Their connection is undeniable, forged in the crucible of danger. But despite their blossoming feelings for each other, they must both finish the work they began . . .

In the safety of England, Genevieve hopes to find purpose as a nurse—all the while unaware that the Gestapo still seeks the woman who slipped through their grasp. When she is called upon to resume a life of danger as a French spy, will her desire to prove herself be her downfall?

Recruited by an elite special-ops team intent on thwarting the Nazis, Peter finds himself engaged in a personal battle as well—there is a traitor among his comrades. Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, Peter combats an unknown foe. The stakes are high as he fights to save the lives of his teammates.

They are miles apart, yet as Genevieve and Peter fight for their own survival, they find a common well of strength in their faith—and their determination to be reunited. 

It’s always exciting to get a new cover, and I like this one. What do you think? If you were browsing in a bookstore, would you pick the book up to learn more?

I think that’s a BAR, a Browning Automatic Rifle, in the man’s hands. I’m hoping a few readers who know more about firearms than I do can confirm or correct me. Also, I’m doing some updates to the website, so if you notice anything that’s not formatted correctly, I’d love a quick message telling me to fix it. Thanks!