I have a new title, and a map

The title for my third novel was finalized last month: Deadly Alliance. I like it. A lot. No, it wasn’t one of my suggestions, but I’m completely OK with that.

I have a fascination with titles that include the word dead or any of its derivatives (as long as it doesn’t sound like a novel about zombies). In 2012 I bought We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance, by David Howarth, because it was a kindle daily deal, it was about WWII, and die was in the title. It ended up being the best book I read that year. I think my interest in titles like this stems from reading too many Jack Higgins novels while growing up. His titles include: Angel of Death, Drink with the Devil, The Killing Ground, Touch the Devil, The Devil is Waiting, A Prayer for the Dying, A Fine Night for Dying, Death Run, The Graveyard Shift, Brought in Dead. He’s written dozens of other books too, but you get the picture.

So where does Deadly Alliance take place? Well, this past week I also got a map from the talented Briana Shawcroft. Here it is:

Italy and Yugoslavia, 1944, web version

The borders may look different that what you’re familiar with. Yugoslavia was divided up during WWII, and then the borders changed again when Italy switched sides in 1943 and when the war ended in 1945. Actually, the border around Trieste wasn’t finalized until 1954.

I also created a page for the new book, where you can read an un-finalized blurb. Deadly Alliance comes out in April.

So what type of titles to you like? Have you ever bought a book just because of the title?