Pictures of the Great War

I had a pleasant surprise while researching my latest novel, The Spider and the Sparrow. It turns out that a lot of contemporary accounts and images from World War One are no longer copyrighted, so they’re in the public domain. Here are a few pictures I ran across while gathering information for a blogger:

The novel begins in the French trenches, not unlike what is pictured here. This image includes men wearing Adrian helmets, which were phased in over 1915. Julian and his squad didn’t have them for the Second Battle of Artois, but Evette’s brother, Emile, would have had one for most of the war.


Here’s the destruction in one village after the Second Battle of Artois.


This is a copy of a French propaganda poster. Artillery played a huge role during WWI, and the French 75 mm field gun was easily among the best in use at the time.


Here’s a picture of French women making shells, because Evette Touny begins her counterintelligence career while working in a munitions factory.


Warren Flynn’s favorite type of airplane, a Sopwith Pup.

The Spider and the Sparrow will be available next week. It’s available for preorder on Amazon and Deseret Book.


    1. Thanks, Char and Rebecca! It was fun to look at the pictures. Sometimes I get in a rut of just reading for research. And reading for research is important, but looking at pictures can be so valuable too! Char, are you on the blog tour?


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