A review, an interview, and some book signings

Author Jennie Hansen reviewed Espionage today on Meridian Magazine. She doesn’t always like the books she reviews, so I’m excited that she liked mine. Here’s the link: Meridian Magazine.

I also exchanged interviews with Rebecca Jamison. You can read my interview of her by scrolling to the previous post or clicking here. You can read her interview of me on her blog, Latter-day Tales. I mention some of my favorite books, favorite movies, and favorite ways to get out of grocery shopping.

And with the hope that people will be looking for books this weekend (books make great gifts for Mother’s Day, right?), I have two book signings on Saturday (May 12). If you’re in the area, I’d love you to stop by! The Harrisville signing will include Gary Toyn, author of Life Lessons from Mothers of Faith.

Seagull Book Harrisville, 1 to 3pm

514 North 325 East, Harrisville, UT, 84404

Seagull Book Riverdale, 4 to 6pm

4031 S. Riverdale Rd., Riverdale, UT, 84405

I would love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment below. If this is your first time posting, your remarks will appear after moderation.

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