Have a question or a suggestion? I love hearing from readers, and I’m happy to work with book clubs and book bloggers.

If you’re a kindle user and would like an Authorgraph, please follow this link.

For book review requests, please keep the following in mind:

For Nonfiction: I prefer history and historical memoir, with a special interest in 20th century military history.

For Fiction: I prefer historical fiction, mystery, and suspense. I enjoy a little romance, but I want it to be clean, and I usually get bored if romance is the only thing¬†driving the plot. I’ve trained myself to notice typos, so please only ask me to review your book if it has been professionally edited. I can overlook a little swearing, but please no profanity (taking of the Lord’s name in vain) and no f-bombs.

I accept physical books, mobi files, and pdfs for review, and am able to post reviews on my blog (with links to my Twitter and Facebook accounts), Goodreads, and Amazon.