Author Interview with Sherry Ann Miller

Sherry with her husband.

Today’s guest is Sherry Ann Miller, author of over a dozen books. She grew up in Utah and California and now lives in Washington. She has seven children and lots of grandchildren! Welcome, Sherry!


Five movies you LOVE:

I’m a Jane Austen fan, so any of the movies made from her novels. I also like the Harry Potter movies, the Twilight saga, especially Breaking Dawn Part 1. I like the fact that Bella Swan Cullen would give up her life for the life of her child, a concept I totally understand because I’m the mother of seven and grandmother of twenty-seven, and I would gladly give my life for any one of them.

Items you’re willing to splurge on:

Tuscan melon. Filet Mignon.

List three people you admire and explain why.

Rachel Ann Nunes inspires me to be a better writer than I am, and to never give up. J.K.Rowling inspires me to be a better writer. Russell M. Nelson, who told me I am an excellent writer, gave me the courage to believe in myself.

If you had a time machine, when would you like to visit?

1700-1900 England, specifically Cornwall and Devonshire.

What household chore do you have the hardest time keeping up with?

Laundry and bathrooms in equal proportion.

Writing advice you’d give to others?

Never give up. Believe in yourself. If you don’t feel you’re good enough, take a class (or a dozen classes, if need be). But, never give up.

What are you working on now?

Listing to Port is the tender and touching tale of Natalia Chamberlain, a registered nurse working at a hospital in Seattle, and the impact two men will have on her life as she struggles through an unusual illness that leaves her stronger than it can ever weaken her. A love triangle like no other, Listing to Port will impact your life forever as you strive to become a better person.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

It allows me to “do” things I’ve always wanted to do, and it gives me an abundance of opportunities to research topics that interest me. I love doing the research necessary to write a convincing novel.

What process do you go through as you get a book ready for submission?

I have two favorite editors who do a good job of ripping my WIP to shreds. I’m thankful for their insight and tenacity to details.

Here’s the first chapter of Sherry’s most recent release, Victoria’s Lullaby. Thank you, Sherry, for being part of my blog!


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