A Brief Ode to a Couple Inanimate Objects

I injured my back on Saturday. I wasn’t even doing anything cool. I was just dragging a stack of little chairs from one end of the church to the other so the children in our congregation could practice the program they were doing the following day (if you were wondering, the ten children in our smaller-than-normal primary did an excellent job).

Since then I’ve been spending a lot of time lying on the couch with my legs propped up on the armrest, and I’ve developed profound gratitude for two inanimate objects.

First, my ice pack. This one has gel in it, so it doesn’t freeze solid. Rather than lying on a chunk of hard ice, I can lay on a nice cold object that molds to fit my back. It also beats bags of frozen peas. Really, if you don’t have a gel ice pack, you should get one.

Second, my kindle. The best part of being injured is getting to read. I finished a research book and read an amazing nonfiction book that wasn’t related to my current writing project and then started a novel. And when my toddlers want me to take a break and read board books to them (does anyone besides me find most board books boring?) I can find my place again in seconds. I’m not going to tell everyone to get a kindle, but hey, make time to read something.

Now you’ll have to excuse me. I need to go lay on the couch with my ice pack and read my kindle.


  1. Sorry about your back! That sounds awful. But the kindle part sounds great! I love mine. I love getting cheap books on it all the time to supplement my library runs. That’s sad you hurt it moving Primary chairs. Ick! Hope you get better soon.


  2. Thanks Char! Today was better than the few days before have been.

    Oh, and Kindles. You know what I’ve really started loving about my kindle lately? The search function. I have a bunch of WWII history books on my kindle so I can search for a specific airplane or battle or weapon and usually pull up a few descriptions. It makes research so much quicker!


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