The Rules in Rome Blog Tour Wrap-up

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Today ends the blog tour for The Rules in Rome. I’m so grateful to Stephanie at Covenant for setting everything up (I have a new baby, so it was a huge relief to have someone else help with online promotion). I’m also thankful to the bloggers who took the time to read and review my book. They have numerous choices and limited reading time, so I appreciate their efforts.

Here are the blog tour stops, with highlights of the reviews. To read the complete post, click on the blog name.

My Book A Day “I loved this book! I love the way that A L Sowards can take a time in history, during World War II and make it come alive. . . . I didn’t want this book to end!”

I Am A Reader “Action packed and suspenseful, this was a difficult book to put down. . . . I enjoyed cheering the main characters on. I felt their sorrow when the tragedies of war struck. I felt their relief when they were successful.”

LDS and Lovin’ It “Soward does a great job of creating an intriguing plot in a place that doesn’t receive as much attention from WWII novelists.  The story begins quickly and continues on that way until the end.  The challenges of facing a deadly enemy as well as their own emotions makes Bastien and Gracie characters that I was more than happy to read about, the story also helped create a greater appreciation for those who put their lives on the line to help end that horrible war.”

Katie’s Clean Book Collection “I’m a sucker for a good, clean romance and this one was exceptional! My socks were knocked off with that first kiss. I loved the way things naturally and gradually developed. As always, I’m looking forward to more of Ms. Sowards writing.”

Joy in the Moments “Sowards always does a great job researching the time period and intrigues of war in the place her stories are set. I was transported into war-torn Rome and felt hungry and desperate as I turned the pages and watched this spy story play out. The action and suspense never stops and will keep you on the edge of your seat (unless you’re reading in bed). The characters are real and wrap themselves around your heart. I cheered for them; I bit my nails off for them; I cried a few tears too as things got a bit rough. . . . If you like storytelling that weaves history, romance and action together, then I highly recommend this book. Sowards is a master of her craft.”

Getting Your Read On “Gracie is a character I really enjoyed.  She is brave but she is also frightened sometimes.  She has courage as well as a tender heart. Bastien will grow on you.  He comes off cold and distant but that is his training and his desire to keep safe and successful in his mission.  I enjoyed getting to know him gradually with Gracie. Pretending to be in love is a dangerous game.  It was a good one for this book, though.  I was happy to get to the HEA ending.  I could finally breathe again.  :)”

Wishful EndingsThe Rules in Rome is the first book that I’ve read from Sowards, but it definitely will not be my last! I loved this book! It was heartbreaking and desperate while also being full of hope and love as these two main characters worked as spies behind enemy lines in Italy during the Nazis’ occupation. . . . I would recommend The Rules in Rome to those who enjoy romantic suspense in an historical setting, especially during WWII. It kept me engaged, was suspenseful and romantic, and had a nail-biting ending.”

Bookworm Lisa “A.L. Sowards does an incredible job at writing suspenseful, action packed, spy thrillers set during WWII. . . . This is a book that I highly recommend to readers of the historical fiction genre.”

Mel’s Shelves “This book is awesome!! I haven’t seen many WWII books set in Italy so that caught my interest right away. Once I started reading, I was hooked from the first page. . . . I felt like I was holding my breath through most of the book and couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.” 

I Love to Read and Review Books “I LOVE espionage thrillers! A.L. Soward’s books are some of THE BEST! Their story is fun and entertaining and captivating and oh so good! . . . A FANTASTIC read! Don’t miss out on this one!”

Rockin’ Book Reviews “Wow . . . This novel is packed with adventure, suspense, intrigue, romance, and action. It is a fast moving, all-encompassing tale!”

Literary Time OutThe Rules in Rome is an excellent WWII Romance! There is a lot more to it than romance (suspense, action, intrigue, etc.), but I loved the romance. A.L. Sowards does a fantastic job writing historical fiction. I really enjoyed her characters. . . . The journey was very exciting and intense. . . . and I was very happy with how it ended.”

Min Reads and Reviews & LDS Women’s Book Review “This book was amazing.  I absolutely loved it!  Every page was a mystery and lead to more suspenseful situations. . . . So many thrilling events take place, I was turning pages eagerly to find out what was going to happen, but honestly, I was almost afraid to know what was going to happen next!”

I Am A Reader An interview about reading, writing, and some of my favorite things.

The Rules In Rome is available for purchase at your favorite LDS bookstore or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Deseret Book, and Seagull Book.


    1. Thanks so much, Char! The new baby is wonderful, but I haven’t done much writing since he was born. And I was kind of planning on that. This year might be less productive (as far as writing goes) than the last few years, but I’m ok with that.


    2. You’re doing the best work there is with your children. And seeds of ideas for future books can germinate while you’re taking a break.


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