The Good Word Podcast

Books-Podcast-Logo2-300x300This past spring I was interviewed on the Good Word Podcast. The host, Nick Galieti, interviewed as many of the Whitney finalists as he could during April and May, and since then he’s been posting several interviews a month. In this interview we chat about the Whitney Awards, the proper use (or misuse) of a thesaurus in creative writing, and the importance of remembering those who served during WWII.

The link to the interview is embedded in the picture to the right, and listed below:

This is the second time I’ve had the privilege of being on the Good Word. I’m more comfortable with written communication than with oral communication (you can’t edit what you say), but Nick does a wonderful job asking insightful questions and keeping the interview moving. You can check out more interviews on The Good Word or subscribe to the podcast on itunes.