March Meme Madness, Week 1

Defiance comes out in a month!

To celebrate, I’m posting memes with quotes from the novel. I took a day off from writing a few weeks ago and made several. It was fun to start and finish a project all in an afternoon. (Writing a novel, on the other hand, usually takes about a year for research, drafting, revisions, and edits.) I’m often hesitant to share just a quote from a book, because sometimes words lose their strength when taken out of context. But this month, I’m going to try it. There are five Wednesdays in March, and I thought five of the memes were understandable without a lot of context, so I’ll post one a week.

Here’s the first one. Warning: extremely mild plot spoiler (less of a spoiler than the back cover copy, but I thought I’d include the warning for those who prefer to be completely surprised). This is the quote the title comes from.




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