Defiance Release

Release Day

Authors often talk about book birthdays (that day when a book becomes available to the public). But unless you’ve got millions of fans eagerly anticipating your newest novel (I’m not there yet), a release doesn’t always happen on just one day.

That’s been true with Defiance. I had a book signing on March 25th at the Seagull Book in Murray, Utah, so they’ve had the paperback for almost two weeks (signed copies even). The Kindle version went live on April 1, and the Draper Deseret Book had paperback copies for my signing that day. Earlier this week, another Seagull store posted a picture of the new books to their Facebook page, and I got a copy of the book on cd. So while the book isn’t in stock everywhere, it’s available in most of the normal places. Even if it’s  showing up as not in stock, it’s probably at least on its way.

So, if you’ve been waiting to pick up a copy of Defiance, it’s out now. Yay! Here are links to the book on Amazon, Deseret Book, and Seagull Book.