Blog Tour Book Review: The Holy Ghost Is My Friend

Today I’m reviewing another fun book for children. This one is best read with a flashlight (but not necessarily after bedtime when the lights are out).

About the Book:

61n5suawqALGet ready to shine a spotlight on the Holy Ghost! This unique picture book shares everyday situations and simple stories that teach children how to recognize the influence of the Spirit. When you shine a flashlight through the illustrated pages, you can discover how the Holy Ghost protects, comforts, directs, and witnesses of true gospel principles. A fun and illuminating book the whole family will love!

Published by Cedar Fort, September 2017
32 pages
Available in paperback and ebook

My Review:

This was a great book for kids. It talks about the Holy Ghost and how he can help lead and direct our lives, using age-appropriate examples to help children learn. The pages have hidden pictures that can be revealed when you shine a flashlight on the other side of the page or if you hold the page in front of a window. It’s a fun way to read and my children enjoyed it.

This book is probably best for kids in the kindergarten/first grade age group. It would also be a good read-aloud book or Family Home Evening lesson.

About the Author:

3286975Catherine loves books: she reads books, writes books, edits books, collects books, and even shelved books at the library for her first job. She also loves to travel and explore the world with her husband, Jon, and her daughter, Juliette. Catherine earned her BA from Brigham Young University. She grew up in England, and now lives in Springville, Utah.

Catherine’s website:

About the Illustrator:

aboutmeRebecca Sorge loves telling stories and drawing pictures so becoming an illustrator made perfect sense. She currently lives and works in Utah, creating art for children’s books, magazines, posters, cards, and anything else people will let her draw on.

Rebecca’s website:


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