Of Daggers and Deception Blog Tour

Last week was the blog tour for Of Daggers and Deception. I was blessed to have blogs who have been reviewing my books since my debut novel come out almost ten years ago, some brand new blogs, and everything in between.

As part of the blog tour, you can enter to win a print copy of Of Daggers and Deception. The giveaway lasts a few more days. Visit any of the blogs listed below to enter.

Holly’s Book Corner

“I enjoyed the first book in this series but I think I liked this book even more . . . very well written and one that anyone would enjoy.”

Honeycomb Stories

“Just as amazing and addictive as the first book. You will never regret adding this to your bookshelf.”

Getting Your Read On

“I just went on the best adventure!  I loved the pacing of this story, I loved the characters and I loved the storyline.”

Book Looks by Lisa

“With vivid descriptions, Ms. Sowards makes this tale set in the 1300’s in Europe come alive. I love historical fiction, but know little about this time period . . . The well-written plot transported me to a war torn era with danger and suspicion around every corner.”

Life Is What It’s Called

The characters and the historical content are interesting and intriguing . . . This book will appeal to both male and female audiences.

Joy in the Moments

“This book will seriously kidnap you from life and not let you go until you read The End. That is not an exaggeration. I LOVE books like this!”

LDS and Lovin’ It

“A wonderfully complex and fascinating tale beautifully told.  I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy great writing, compelling plots, and great characters.”

Bookworm Lisa

“I was very excited to revisit the characters in this series. A. L. Sowards wrote them in a compelling way that I wanted to find out what happened to them. This story carries the element of mystery, suspense, and romance that I have come to love in her books.”

Our Book Confessions

The book had a wonderful balance between adventure, growth, love and honor. . . I am now one hundred percent invested in this family and this time.”

Reading with Emily

“A high adventure fraught with danger as well as a story of faith and forgiveness.”

Books and Everyday Life 

“A fascinating book with engaging characters and a thrilling plot!”

My Book a Day

“I loved everything about this book!”

Literary Time Out

“Definitely a book I’m happy to put on my keeper shelf, and I look forward to reading it over and over again.”

Wishful Endings

On this blog post, you can read an excerpt from the book

Rockin’ Book Reviews

“The characters all feel very real, the action and scenes are easily visualized and draws the reader in.”

Why Not? Because I Said So!

“This novel would make a great gift for those who like action books, a plot full of twists and turns, and strong, likable characters. This is 100% another winning novel by A. L. Sowards.”

Books Are Sanity

“If you are a fan of suspense, romance, and faith, then this is an absolute must read! I am still reflecting on the story days later.”

Beauty in the Binding

Excerpt and review. “I stayed engaged as the plot clipped along brimming with danger, suspense, and mystery.”

I would love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment below. If this is your first time posting, your remarks will appear after moderation.

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