Before the Fortress Falls Blog Tour

Last week was the blog tour for Before the Fortress Falls. I’m so grateful for all the bloggers who participated!

Here is a list of the entire tour plus a few other blogs. Visit any of the sites below to enter a giveaway for a print copy of the book.

Holly’s Book Corner: “WOW! What a great book! This book sucks you in from the first page and you are connected to the characters from the beginning.”

Books and Everyday Life: “Wow! This was a stunning book . . . The characters were so engaging and the story was beautiful.”

Honeycomb Stories: “To me this novel and historical event are about finding and holding to hope and faith during the darkest times. A.L. Sowards wove these moments throughout the novel in an incredibly realistic and relatable way.”

Getting Your Read On: “This book brought me to tears.  My emotion was real and that’s how I know this story is a great one.  Not many books bring my tears flowing.”

Literary Time Out: “This story is one that is full of heartbreak, despair, fear – really any emotion you can imagine during a war. But it is also full of peace, faith, love, endurance, and so many other good things. It can be a difficult story to read – war is ugly, there is no way to sugarcoat that – but it is oh, so worth it. Toby, Katja, Xavier, and Wilhelm were wonderful, inspiring characters. The author does an amazing job at research and bringing historical events to life. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone.”

Min Reads and Reviews: “Inspiring, beautifully written. A. L. Sowards does it again with her descriptions. I can always, always count on this author for an amazing read. There is a lot in this book to love, with unforgettable characters and their incredible journeys of growth, struggles, and never giving up. Plus a well written romance, loyalty, and love.”

My Book a Day: “It has been a long time since a book has touched me as much as this one did. There are parts of this one that are hard to read. It’s set during a siege in Vienna. But the way the characters care for each other. And the way they survive. That’s the real story here . . . This book made me feel. And that made the journey so worth it. You really need to read this one!”

Book Looks by Lisa: “A. L. Sowards has written a fascinating story that places you right in the midst of a crucial time in the history of Vienna.  With such gripping detail, I felt like I was sewing sandbags along with Katja, fighting alongside Toby, and feeling the sense of dread as the Turks were bombarding the city. History truly came alive.”

Our Book Confessions: “This book is emotionally gripping, beautifully descriptive and wonderfully told. It has quickly jumped to one of my all time favorite historical fictions.”

Why Not? Because I Said So!: “If you ever want to read fantastic historical fiction, A.L. Sowards is your go-to author. She does her research so well and a lot of it. Before The Fortress Falls is a splendid combination of war and military strategizing, a budding romance, family relationships, forgiveness, and sacrifice for religion and country.”

Bookworm Lisa: “. . . Captures you from the beginning and holds your interest throughout the whole story. It is a story of hope in the midst of war and adversity. . . I highly recommend this book.”

Books Are Sanity: “Wow, this book just blew me away! This is historical fiction like I have never read before. Sowards so completely paints a picture of what it is like to be living inside a city under siege. I felt the fear, the hopelessness, the courage, the strength and determination that the characters were feeling.”

Life Is What It’s Called: “Overall, I would suggest checking out this book and adding it to your read pile. This book was well-researched and well-written.”

LDS and Lovin’ It: “A.L. Sowards has written another stunning historical fiction story with amazing characters, incredible historical detail, and a compelling, heart-breaking plot. . . For those who enjoy reading historical fiction that leaves its mark on you when you are finished, I highly recommend Before the Fortress Falls.”

Reading with Emily: “Wow. This book is in a class by itself . . . A. L. Sowards has a beautiful way with history. She brings to life an era of history of which I was unfamiliar.”

Joy in the Moments: “Loved this book. The ending really packed an emotional punch that made the harrowing conflict worth it. If you want to learn about a new piece of history you’ve probably never read about before, this book should be put on your must-read list.”

A huge thank-you to all the blogs for sharing my book with their readers!

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