Q&A: When will your book be out?

Thank you to MG for asking this blog’s first question (I’m hoping there will be many more).

The ebook comes out on Saturday, March 3. (Here’s a link to the Kindle edition: Amazon.com) The paperback comes out as soon as the printer gets it to the publisher and the publisher gets it to bookstores. I’ve been told that’s usually the second week of the release month, so it’s coming soon.

Getting a book published is a little bit like having a baby. You know what the due date it, but that doesn’t mean you know when you’ll actually get to hold it in your hands. Obviously having a baby is more significant, but I am looking forward to getting this delivery by simply slicing through the tape on a cardboard box instead of having my lower abdomen sliced open (twin pregnancy with baby A in the breach position = Cesarian delivery). Oh, and since I already know what happens, unlike a newborn (or a set of newborns), I don’t think Espionage will keep me up all night. But I do hope it keeps a few of my readers up past their bedtimes!


  1. Thanks for your answer, not that it will keep me from checking online everyday to check when it will be available to purchase in paperback version.
    Like the analogy too. You just don’t know what you don’t know.


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