Special delivery

So remember yesterday’s post? The analogy of how getting a book published is a little like having a baby? Well, sometimes deliveries come sooner than you expect.

Like my twins. I had a scheduled Cesarian for a Saturday. So naturally I went into labor Thursday night and the twins entered the world on a Friday morning. That meant that all the stuff I was planning to do on Friday—wash the laundry, water the houseplants, watch my husband install two car seats, take a picture of my very large 38-weeks-plus-a-few-days-pregnant-with-twins self—never happened. A few of our houseplants perished soon after the twins came along, but I think I made the right choice when I decided to take care of the babies and ignore the ivy.

Today I got another earlier-than-expected delivery: my box of comp books from the publisher. It’s a very exciting day at my house. Watch out, houseplants. You’ve just been delegated to low-priority, again.

My book, in the paperback and book-on-cd forms.