The Redgrave Cover Game

Redgrave Cover Game 2I’ve put together a game to celebrate the release of The Redgrave Murders.

When I saw the final cover for The Redgrave Murders, I loved it. Then I thought, hmm, it’s Miss Scarlett, in a creepy warehouse, with a noose. So to celebrate the book release, we’re going to play a game inspired by the board game Clue.

(Side note: I enjoyed Clue when I was younger. Now I get frustrated with it because there are no motives or backstories–some of my favorite things to figure out when writing a mystery.)

For the game, pick your character, location, and weapon. Post a picture with the hashtag #RedgraveCoverGame and your caption in a format similar to this: [suspect], in [location], with a [weapon]. You can post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I’ll narrow it down to a few top posts and set up a vote. The winner will get a $25 Amazon Gift Card. I’ve included a few examples to give you some ideas.

Rules: please keep all pictures family-friendly. This contest is not sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You may enter multiple pictures.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

This one is inspired by my book cover (but the book cover is so much better!), with Miss Scarlet, in a creepy warehouse, with a noose that’s not to scale.
Mr. Green, in a mansion of magnetic tiles, with a candlestick.
Lego man, on a boat, with a harpoon (or maybe just a nail).
author with a heavy research book
The author, with a heavy research book, under an almond tree.


    1. Yikes! Glad you weren’t pummeled with books during an earthquake. Yeah, those books are kind of heavy. I’ve got half the Oxford English Dictionary (the condensed version that comes with a magnifying glass) and Jane’s Fighting Aircraft of WWI.

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