The Redgrave Cover Game

Redgrave Cover Game 2I’ve put together a game to celebrate the release of The Redgrave Murders.

When I saw the final cover for The Redgrave Murders, I loved it. Then I thought, hmm, it’s Miss Scarlett, in a creepy warehouse, with a noose. So to celebrate the book release, we’re going to play a game inspired by the board game Clue.

(Side note: I enjoyed Clue when I was younger. Now I get frustrated with it because there are no motives or backstories–some of my favorite things to figure out when writing a mystery.)

For the game, pick your character, location, and weapon. Post a picture with the hashtag #RedgraveCoverGame and your caption in a format similar to this: [suspect], in [location], with a [weapon]. You can post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I’ll narrow it down to a few top posts and set up a vote. The winner will get a $25 Amazon Gift Card. I’ve included a few examples to give you some ideas.

Rules: please keep all pictures family-friendly. This contest is not sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You may enter multiple pictures.

I look forward to seeing your photos!


This one is inspired by my book cover (but the book cover is so much better!), with Miss Scarlet, in a creepy warehouse, with a noose that’s not to scale.


Mr. Green, in a mansion of magnetic tiles, with a candlestick.


Lego man, on a boat, with a harpoon (or maybe just a nail).

author with a heavy research book

The author, with a heavy research book, under an almond tree.