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Today wraps up the blog tour for The Redgrave Murders, and I’ve had so much fun reading all the reviews. Authors love reviews so much! It’s what makes all the research, writing, and revising worth it.

Here’s a list of blogs that have featured my newest release. Those marked with an asterisk participated in the blog tour and giveaway. If you’d like a chance to win a paperback copy of The Redgrave Murders, click over to one of their posts and enter from there.

Are you looking for book recommendations? Finding a book blogger with similar reading preferences is a great way to keep up-to-date on new releases that you might enjoy. You can follow most of these bloggers from their websites or via social media.

This post might feel a little like a proud parent showing off ALL the pictures of their child, but I’m honestly grateful for each and every review. I showed restraint by only posting bits of each review. 😉

Book Geek Reviews: “Within a few chapters I was hooked. . . . I really liked the twists and turns of the mystery. I thought I knew who it was several times. One of my guesses was correct, but I wasn’t sure until the reveal. Love it when that happens!”

*Books are Sanity: “This book was a huge surprise to me and in a very good way. I didn’t expect to become so completely engrossed in Evie’s story . . . This is a true whodunit and kept me on my toes and page turning until the very end. I highly recommend The Redgrave Murders to any mystery/suspense fan, you will not be disappointed!”

*Bookworm Lisa: “A.L. Sowards has done it again. She has written a book that I could not put down. . . . I loved learning some of Evie’s family history from the letters from her brother who was killed during the war. A.L Sowards was able to use her historical fiction genius as she told about the war on the Pacific Ocean. If you haven’t read one of her books, YOU SHOULD!”

Charity Jacobs’s Blog: “Overall, this book was simply amazing and I highly recommend it to all history and mystery lovers. This is simply a must read.”

*Getting Your Read On: “I’ve been reading (and loving) books by A.L Sowards for a long time.  She is one of my favorites because her books absolutely come to life in my hands.  This book is a bit different than her previous books as it is a mystery instead of a historical fiction, but I’m so happy that it actually felt like a historical fiction because Sowards really knows how to build the time period she is writing about to feel so authentic and real. . . . While mystery isn’t my very favorite go-to genre, I really did love this one.”

*I Love to Read and Review Books: “This book is SO INTRIGUING! Multiple story lines intertwine with each other to bring a rich reading experience. . . . SO. GOOD!”

*Joy in the Moments: “This book kept me guessing clear to the end. The mystery was fantastic. I loved it. Each side character introduced seemed like a reasonable suspect. As the plot thickened, I didn’t know who-dun-it! But the mystery wasn’t the only thing I loved. The characterization was phenomenal. The author delved deep into Evelyn’s and Gary’s lives to flesh them out into believable and heart-tugging characters that stuck in my heart long after the story ended.”

Kymberli Briggs’s Blog: “This story gave me vibes of Nancy Drew meets film noir. A classic Whodunit filled with a list of suspects with motives. As one person states in the story, everyone has secrets. The question is, which secrets are deadly?”

*LDS and Lovin’ It: “One of the things I especially enjoy about Sowards books is the depth of her characters. They feel like real people dealing with real problems in a flawed but determined way. A great book for readers who enjoy romantic suspense, but also those who enjoy a book with a solid historical setting.”

*Life Is What It’s Called: “I was on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.”

*Literary Time Out: “I have read a handful of A.L. Sowards’ books and enjoyed them, but this one was just… wow! I think it was the mix of suspense and post-WWII history that made this story so captivating. . . . This is one that will go on my keeper shelf and I highly recommend it to anyone.”

*Mel’s Shelves: “I have loved every book I’ve read by A.L. Sowards and this one did not disappoint! It’s different than her other books but every bit as good. . . . I loved everything about it. It’s got mystery, suspense, romance, loss, secrets, interesting characters, and of course, I love that it’s clean. This is a fantastic book that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys clean, historical mystery/suspense!”

Meridian Magazine: “Sowards has written several strong novels concerning the war years, making this one that deals with the years immediately following World War II, both a change and a poignant reminder of the hardships and sacrifices make by soldiers and civilians of that time period. The plot builds well to an exciting conclusion.”

*Min Reads and Reviews: “When I started reading, it felt like I was right there with the characters, like watching an old movie from the ’40s. Right away the reader is caught up in a web of suspense and the author does an excellent job of setting up the story. . . . This is an excellent book full of twists and page-turning suspense.”

*My Book a Day: “This book kept me guessing from the beginning to the very end. I would have never guessed just who the bad guy was or why! It’s my favorite thing when that happens. If you’re a fan of good suspense books, make sure to pick this one up!”

Red Headed Book Lady: “Have you ever met someone and you feel like you’ve know them for life? Evie is just such a person to me. I love characters like that don’t you?”

*Rockin’ Book Reviews: “This was an amazing tale of unconditional love, betrayal, and suspense. The story flows smoothly from one event to another, keeping the reader wondering, ‘Who done it’?”

*Singing Librarian Books: “From page one the author weaves together a story that will put readers on the edge of their seat and leave them guessing what will happen next.”

*Timeless Novels: “My favorite character was Gary Redhawk. Gary makes you immediately feel protective of him. Being in the Indian reform school, and then being a POW must have really been traumatic for him. Of course, this would not make him innocent of the issues that arise against him, but there is something that seems innocent and vulnerable about him from the very beginning. You slowly get to learn more about his history, and I felt even more of a connection to him.”

*Why Not? Because I Said So!: “The Redgrave Murders . . . is full of suspense right from the start. This novel was one that I sat down to read and only put it down to eat.”

*Wishful Endings: “This author did a fabulous job in pulling me into this story. I did not want to put it down and, in fact, read it in one sitting. It was a great mix of heavy subject matter that made me think, a constant underlying feeling of danger, fabulous characters, and a sweet romance with plenty of sparks. I’m looking forward to more from this author!”

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