Book Release: The Spider and the Sparrow

My fifth novel is now available in paperback, ebook, and audio book formats. It’s in stock at most LDS book stores and online at Amazon, Seagull Book, and Deseret Book. (Some of the online stores don’t have every format available yet, but in most cases, there’s a pre-order option.) Here’s more information about the story: […]

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Pictures of the Great War

I had a pleasant surprise while researching my latest novel, The Spider and the Sparrow. It turns out that a lot of contemporary accounts and images from World War One are no longer copyrighted, so they’re in the public domain. Here are a few pictures I ran across while gathering information for a blogger:   […]

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Cover Reveal for The Spider and the Sparrow

In less than a month, my fifth novel will be available to the public. The publisher and I have kept the cover secret until now, but today’s the day we’re showing it all over social media. Here’s the cover: And here’s the official blurb: May 1915. After tragedy strikes during the Second Battle of Artois, […]

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A Few Thoughts on Christmas and Perfection

Our mail didn’t come yesterday. It was a neighborhood-wide problem. Apparently, sometime between 8pm and 9pm, the mail lady drove the mail truck through the local streets, but she delivered no packages and no mail. Letters awaiting pickup were left in mailboxes. Late last night, everyone expecting a package from Amazon via the post office […]

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Why I Believe in Happy Endings

There’s a widespread belief that any book ending in “happily ever after” can’t be a serious novel. I’m not sure where the idea started, but based on articles I’ve read and conversations I’ve had (real and virtual), there are a lot of people who think that if a book doesn’t leave the reader a little […]

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Book Review: Top Secret Recipes Step by Step

When author Todd Wilbur asked me if I’d like to review his newest cookbook, Top Secret Recipes Step By Step, I was instantly intrigued. Who hasn’t wondered how to make their favorite restaurant food? After looking through the book and trying out some of the recipes, I can sum this cookbook up in one word: […]

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Ebook Sale

I am thrilled to announce a special ebook sale for my WWII trilogy. Now through November 30th (Cyber Monday), Espionage, Sworn Enemy, and Deadly Alliance are only $1.99 each. These ebooks are normally priced from $9.99 to as high as $17, so this is a huge deal! Here’s what others have said about the trilogy: […]

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